How to make money on the My Karibe Influencer platform?

My Karibe Influencers are compensated in three (3) different ways. They get paid for driving traffic to any of our platforms, for referring users or leads to sign up to any of our platforms, and finally a percentage commission on user purchases on select platforms.

Step 1 First, create a referral link for a specific product or service that you are interested in promoting.

Step 2 Go to Facebook or any other social media platform and join groups or pages with a lot of people who are interested in what you are promoting. Be sure to join a group that has active members that are already interested in the product or service you will be promoting.

Step 3 Create a post that describes the product or service and add your unique referral link.

Step 4 Share your post and get paid when interested customers either click on your link, sign up to the platform, or make a purchase.

As an example, if you wish to promote a Travel experience, simply create your unique referral link for a guest house or hotel. Then got to Facebook and join Travel groups that would allow you to post content. Create a post by adding a picture, writing your description, and adding your unique referral link to the post. Then share your post.

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